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The Team


Prof. Shachar Richter

The Boss

Shachar Richter is professor at the materials science and engineering department at Tel-Aviv University and a core member at the University Center for Nano science and Nano technology. He received his BSc degree in Chemistry from Tel-Aviv University, MSc and Phd in Chemical Physics and Material Science from Weizmann Institute of Science working on nanodevices fabricated by scanning probe techniques.


PhD Student and Project Manager

Roman is currently doing his PhD in the group.

He is holding  a M.Sc. in materials engineering and Nanotechnologies and his B.Sc. –chemistry and biology , from Tel Aviv University (2013)


His subjects of research are :

  • Synthesis of various metallic nano and microstructures inside bio-polymeric matrix of mucin proteins.

  • Development of novel biomaterials based on collagen and mucin originated jellyfish for biomedical applications.

Contact : Office: TAU, Faculty of Engineering, Engineering studies building, room 110 Tel. +972547547027 or +97236405705


Researcher and Lab manager

Tamilla is our laboratory manager

She hold a  B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry, from Baku, USSR. and  Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Baku, USSR.

In addition to taking care of everything in the Lab she also conduct research project in the field of biopolymer and hydrogel 

Contact : Office: TAU, Faculty of Engineering, Engineering studies building, room 111 Tel. +972-3-6405705

Daniel Beitnar

PhD Student

Daniel Beitner is doing his PhD in Our Group  in collaboration with Prof. Haim Suchowski of the Physics faculty TAU 


He hold Bachelor’s degree and MSc of Materials Engineering and Physics at the Technion.HIs MSc. was done with Prof. Boaz Pokroy on modifying the hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties of PUR acryl paints using ALD and SAMs

His current subject of research is :

  • Studies of Molecular Emitter layers coupled to Nano-Plasmonic structure in the Ultrafast regime

Contact : Faculty of Engineering, Engineering studies building, room 110 Tel. +972-50 7104252 



Master Student 

Shira Gavriely is M.Sc student in material engineering 

She hold a B.Sc in material engineering and chemistry, Tel Aviv university (2019)


Her main research is about bimetallic nanoparticles, formed with green synthesis for photocatalysis applications

Contact : Faculty of Engineering, Engineering studies building, room 110 Tel


 Dr. Itai Carmeli

Itai is a researcher in our group and in Bar Ilan University

He hold a B.Sc. from Tel-Aviv University  in Life Science, a  M.Sc also from Tel-Aviv University – Department of Chemistry. He did his Ph.D.1997-2002 at the Weizmann Institute of Science - Chemical Physic  on the effect of spin on photoelectron transmission through organized organic thin films

Contact : Faculty of Engineering, Engineering studies building, room 113 Tel



Liron Reshef
Liron Reshef

Msc on Development of Biodegradable Plastic and Smart Materials from Jellyfish Proteins

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Guy Hershig
Guy Hershig

Master on QDOT based electronic devices

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Edith Beleis
Edith Beleis

PhD on Formation and Characterization of doped and un-doped Bovine Serum Albumin

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Roy Goldman
Roy Goldman

Master on Fabrication and characterization of a vertical organic switch

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External Students

They are part time with us while continuing working in the industry

Contact Us

30 Haim Levanon st., Ramat Aviv

Tel Aviv 69978

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