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Some examples of research projects

Project goal: Development of novel 3D printing dye based on jellyfish collagen and mucin 

Project description: In the course of this project, I commence a research and development study on the possibility of producing biocompatible and biodegradable ink that can be used in biological 3D printing machines for tissue engineering applications.


Project goal: Development of wound dressing material based on jellyfish collagen.

Project description: During the project I am developing processing techniques in order to turn jellyfish to smart wound dressing material.  This allows to transform jellyfish collagen and mucin proteins into nanofibers which are used as novel basic building material for wound dressing.

Project goal: Development of antibacterial and antibiofilm coatings

Project description: During the project I am developing novel synthesis of metallic nanoparticles synthesized in proteins without the use of reducing chemicals. Produced nanoparticle can be used in various types of antibacterial coatings such as gels, sprays, fibers etc. Preliminary results indicate that synthesized nanoparticles have very potent antibacterial properties which are highly effective against gram positive a negative bacterium including antibiotic resistant strains

Project goal: Development of bi and tri-metallic nanoparticle complexes for catalytic applications.

Project description: During this research I develop green synthesis procedures for bi and tri metallic nanoparticles produced in proteins. The produced particles formations which include palladium, gold and platinum had proved to be effective catalytic material in various reactions such as Suzuki-miyaura coupling etc.

Project goal: Development of novel three-dimensional scaffold for tissue engineering.

Project description: In the course of this project, I develop tree dimensional scaffolds based on jellyfish nanofibers. These scaffolds can be used for simultaneous growth of several cell types on scaffold surface and within the scaffold. This can be possibly used for tissue growth applications.

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